14 जुल॰ 2015

When flames came out from pyre itself,a divine experince !!!

(The soul is never born nor does it die ; nor does it exist on coming into being.For it is born ,eternal,everlasting,and primeval ; even though the body is slain,the soul is not.) Sri Madbhagvad Geeta,2/20) 
In our holy books, we can find inscribed in golden words, the incarnation of supernatural spirits who have divine presence, and unmatched capabilities. In fact, it is not usual to hear about incident that demonstrates the presence of the sacred powers of the almighty. We realize some supernatural power or event from time to time that can’t be explained. 
One such realization occurred recently in a cremation ceremony, when fire ignited itself from the pyre. I still cannot forget that view that I thought at first was a delusion, but it was NOT. Everyone present in the cremation ceremony of much respected Maa Ji (Usha Agarwal) wife of Guru Ji Shree S.K Agarwal had that view with astonishment. On July 1, after being suffered from almost two and half years of illness, Maa Ji left this world leaving behind her full family and countless followers including three progenies. For over half a century, Guru Ji had established a sacred environment, where he kept on praying and practicing good deeds. 
Though Maa Ji was suffering from a kidney ailment for past two and half years, she never expressed her pain or suffering to anyone. Rather she always kept on praying “Sita Ram” in her heart. I still remember an incidence when I visited her after discharged from hospital around an year ago, and found her hand swollen. I asked, “Are you feeling better now, and what about the swelling?” She kept on a calm disposition and said, “I don’t know” and quietly gazed at the picture of Lord Rama in front of her bed. I was constantly trying to read her expression, and all I could figure out was that she had some silent complaint to her God. She had her 67th birthday on June 13, 2015. Her birthday wish was to listen to the "Sundar Kand", Ramayana which was fulfilled in a holy manner. It seemed like this cheerful form of her was only on this day, seeing this no one could even say that she was on complete bed rest for almost Two and half years and was admitted in hospital when she was in serious condition. An immense glow on her face, the peace in her heart, the continuous meditation and chanting of her God was clearly visible on her face. 
She left for heavenly abode on July 1st, 2015. On July 1 at around 4 PM, on the cremation ground in Bareilly city, her pyre was set and before it was being touched with slight fire, the fire and smoke busted out of the pyre all of sudden. I was shocked to see this view as I watched it. Her was the only cremation in the whole cremation ground on that day, which has generally 5- 6 funerals at the minimum every day. July being the rainy season in North India, special care needs to be taken of wood logs as these get moist. Pyres don’t get ignited easily because of moist wood. 
I saw that the flames came out from the inside of the pyre. Igniting the pyre from the outside just seemed like a formality only. The outside flames were not enough to burn the pyre, but it seemed like the inside flames were waiting for the ritual of outside fire to be ignited. This astonishing view kept on hovering in my mind like a big question mark till the next day. Next day I went to Guru Ji’s place, as I was about to ask him regarding the same, others were inquiring about the same. It was for the very first time I witnessed such a view that the flames coming out from the inside of the pyre meaning to show that fire is taking her body in its lap like a mother does of a child. Adequate wind was not there in such a humid climate, and it is generally thought that it would be difficult to flame the pyre, but Maa ji’s pyre didn’t require any effort at all. 
The most interesting thing about this fire on pyre was that the temperature was negligible. Generally it is difficult to stand inside a 5 meter perimeter of a burning pyre, but everybody was standing under the small tin shed over the pyre as no one could feel the temperature raised by fire. Many respectable People belonging to all sectors including well known BJP leaders, lawyers, leading journalists, doctors, businessmen, administration and many others were present paying their last homage to Maa Ji.
Recently, we had a conversation with a saint in Jalandhar over the phone on why God’s devotees suffer. He mentioned that God sometimes puts His true followers’ body in pain, so that their focus and expectation from this world are diminished, and they concentrate only on the almighty. World also doesn’t expect anything from such people and don’t disturb them. This was the case with Maa Ji herself, that’s why she was remembering “Sita Ram” even when she was not conscious, and this glorified the last journey of her body and spirit beyond this world. Her relic is the proof of this. 
On July 8, when her son, Jiten Agarwal, a resident of United States of America went to holy Ganges for rendering her ashes, the water created a spout immediately and took it all inside it. It is said that the body is made up of five elements, is at last, mixed in these five elements in which earth, fire, sky and wind elements are merged after the cremation ceremony followed by merging into the fifth element, the water. The Lord of fire gave his contribution in taking the body to the universe, and then it becomes the duty of the Lord of water to take the relic to appropriate place.
S K Agarwal 'guruji'
Guruji Dr. S K Agarwal tells us that the saints aspire to sacrifice their bodies on a full moon (Pooranmasi) of Purushuttam (Purush Uttam – Lord Vishnu’s month) month which comes only once in three years. Saints worship their Gods for years and years to leave their human body on this day as it is said that heaven doors are open by Lord Vishnu on this day. And God chose the very same day for MaaJi as her last day. There was so much of peace and glow on her face in her last moments that it appeared that she made herself one with the God. She had her 67th birthday on June 13th, 2015 and her last ritual was finished exactly on July 13th, 2015, both in Purushottam month considered to be as holy, as it could be .you can reach the Guruji by: 
                                                                                                                                                                Aashish Kumar Agarwal
(English translation by  Meetika Agarwal with Saugaat Kamily,software Engineer with MNC Accenture,based in pune.)

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